How does Arctify work?

It’s simple. Every month you receive 1 highly elevated and exclusive Marvel t-shirt directly to your door for 9 bucks.

When do I receive my tee?

Every member receives their tee (at their door) during the last week of the month.

How can I know what character shirt I will receive?

Arctify’s homepage always features the theme of the month.

What do you mean Arctify’s tees are exclusive?

It means it’s so exclusive you’ll never find your tee in any store in the world.

Does every Arctify member receive the same tee?

Yes. To maintain exclusivity everyone receives the same tee and we never resell that shirt for $9, ever again.

Is there a shipping charge?

Shipping charges are based on where you’re shipping your tee to, but they never exceed $4 inside the United States.

Can I cancel?

You can cancel anytime, hassle free.